GO LEAN is an exceptional management guidance concept with the focus on Lean Management. It is exceptional because our team is made up of experienced “hands on” professionals who do not rely only on their academic qualifications. Our teams grounding in the various technical trades and studies plus many years of experience in management and leading positions is persuasive and reassuring. We offer our customers an uncomplicated and thorough professional consultation with the result that your company will operates more profitably. We speak your language. Your success is our aim. Encounter our exclusive consultation services – the seed of transformation and enduring stability.

Are Different We Why

    For those who believe in their company and their product, they will aim to make long term decisions whenever possible. Only with long-standing and consistent success can a company maintain enduring stability. For these distinct reasons, short term turnover pushers or insensitive cost eliminators are not our objective. We advocate planning ahead for an enduring transformation of our clients business operations and to enhances the effectiveness of recognising market potentials. This is often not the easiest road to take but it is the most promising in the long run - and that is our aim. 


    It is often that companies must begin with optimisation only in particular areas. It is a later progression that a Lean Culture begins to develop within all processes, products and organisational matters. Our view of a company is not only some specific points, but rather as a whole organism of interrelated functions. We will not isolate any particular matter such as products or production or machines but perceive all in the context of one process governed by people. In this manner, we work closely together with the people directly involved, dealing with manageable improvements while taking orientation from clearly defined objectives.


    Where so many advisors weigh down their clients with theories and paper and then leave them confused, we show our true strength and see the job through. We work closely together and stand ready beside the people and their machines, the processes and the products. In “workshops” we prepare together practical solutions to reach targets as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Through a combination of “know-how” from staff and employees and our experience, we create a consequent transformation solidly founded upon a process of continuous improvement – that’s what we mean when we say “to build a Lean Culture”. 

  • Goal and employee orientation

    To define a clear goal before the projects begin sounds obvious but it is often underestimated and causes projects to run astray and even fail. For this reason, we identify and specify together the goal to be attained before we begin and ensure that all individuals involved share and support the same objective. This clear and fair method will ensure that staff and employees accept and support the changes. Through focussing on these people we build trust, self assurance and motivation. This is the most reliable way to recognise, bring about and live with improvement.