To track down waste. To put the products, processes and organisation on a healthy balanced diet is a key issue. To assist us we take hold of the efficient tools available in Lean Management. In this area there are many and varied approaches, tools and methods. Together we make an appraisal of the company and decide which approach, which tools and which methods are the best for the particular requirements. As a result, the client is given a clear impression of the Lean Management structures main focal points.

Coaching and training Lean production and administration Lean product Lean management
  • On the subject if Lean Management, it is our aim to provide our client with new principals and viewpoints. With the guiding thought of Lean Management “daily tracking and elimination of wastage” we go together through the companies organisation, processes and products and expose hidden potential for improvements. Together we develop a vision of a Lean company and work through the phases essential to build the vision into a reality of transformation and direction.

  • The product is the central purpose of a manufacturing/producing company. Potential for improvements that are concealed within a product show an immediate effect when uncovered. Working closely together with the staff and employees of the various departments to develop the sales, production, purchasing and development procedures with optimisation and cost reducing solutions. Through a reduction of complex and sometimes confusing methods and giving special attention when focusing on the actual product requirements of your customers, we speed up the product development, the company profits from its lean configuration and this combination of company skills goes a long way to strengthen a products position on the marketplace.

  • The production is at the centre of product vaue, often however, it is also at the centre of wastage. Processes not running smoothly and with time overgrown structures concealing masses of hidden potentials. By monitoring and analysing the processes, we can concentrate on the reduction of production or process time cycles without negative side effects on the quality or the personnel. Through targeting an optimal and trouble free production cycle, other issues such as floor plan, set up or inventory automatically improve alongside. The quicker your products reach the customers, the sooner your company becomes a top choice on the market.

  • On all of the changes and improvements that take place in your company there are people involved. Themes such as trust, team building and leadership go inseparably together with our work. For reasons of our encompassing solutions, we also provide specific support from psychologists and trainers and it may be that individuals or departments require regular coaching in management issues or training for the further qualification of employees and staff.