Like phoenix from the ashes

Initial situation:

This project in a plant in the Netherlands has grown especially close to our hearts over the years. At the beginning of our engagement, the plant was threatened with relocation. Our order was therefore the last chance. 

Frustrated and frightened employees, a number-loving plant manager and the pressure of the holding company formed the basis. 


The initial aim was to achieve extraordinary project results in the pilot project at short notice. The impressive development of results within the first 3 months as well as the speed of implementation and our relationship with management and employees convinced critics and top management.

With the trust we gained, we received the order for the "big picture" and started the holistic cultural change.

Like phoenix from the ashes

We trained internal lean trainers and started the conversion of the production.

Successes " People and Process ":

2 years later, both the hall floor and the numbers and eyes of the plant manager, who has become one of our biggest fans, were shining. 5 years later, this factory was awarded the "Best Factory" prize. We are regularly on site, either to view the latest implementations of the Lean Team on site or to present the effectiveness of our procedures and methods to new customers in benchmarks and workshops on site.

Like phoenix from the ashes
Like phoenix from the ashes

Facts – Figures - Data

Industry sector:
Plant and mechanical engineering
across the plant
3,5 years


  • Factory of the Year 2018
  • Sales increase 45%
  • 72% increase in EBIT
  • Lead time reduction 70%
  • Inventory reduction 40%
  • 100% increase in motivation
  • Benchmark Partner GOLEAN

Topic excerpt:

  • Holistic value stream concept
  • Development of a key figure system
  • Introduction of shop floor management (production and administration)
  • Training of 30 internal Lean Multipliers
  • Benefit value analysis (product)
  • Kanban connection of suppliers
Like phoenix from the ashes

By improving in an open transparent atmosphere, with a sense of humor and fun, sustainable solution are implemented. The upgrade of the my factory was the most exciting exercise. In a time span of less than 5 years a complete new lean production setup was realized.Managing Director of the site