Initial situation:

The project objective was to find a new and suitable ERP system and to make the organization and the existing processes fit for the ERP implementation in advance.  In this context, fit means identifying and eliminating the lack of process standards and interface problems.


At the beginning, the focus was on creating a complete process map of all business processes. Thanks to our agile approach, the employees were able to continue their daily business in this phase (3 months) without significant time restrictions. Already during the development of the process map we identified improvement potentials.

In parallel, with our support, we evaluated and selected a suitable ERP system according to the customer's specific selection criteria. 

"People" successes:

The employees increasingly understood the importance of internal customer and supplier relationships and gradually lost the silo thinking. Through the newly gained holistic process view, the company automatically gained their competencies as future key users of the new ERP software.

"Process" successes:

We raised 40% of all improvement potentials revealed by the process recordings independently of the introduction of the new ERP system. Its implementation was continuously realized by means of a roadmap.

The process map created formed the implementation guide for the ERP system house and significantly reduced the effort, costs and time required for adaptation during system implementation.


Facts – Figures - Data

Industry sector:
Large Mechanical Engineering
All business processes
1 year


  • Holistic process mapping without significant resource commitment in day-to-day business within 3 months
  • Selection of suitable ERP system in 3 months
  • No change requests during ERP implementation

Topic excerpt:

  • Creation of an integrated process map
  • Derivation of improvement potentials
  • Evaluation of ERP scopes for implementation
  • Joint selection of a suitable ERP system and ERP consultants
  • Implementation support of improvement potentials
  • Accompaniment of the change process
  • ERP system implementation support

We received an efficient analysis of the existing processes and their restructuring. As a result, we were able to register the bundling of company competencies by removing departmental barriers. Enjoyable consulting and implementation. Project manager of the customer