Speaking is the key

Initial situation:

This customer showed a typical starting position: the corridor radio was characterized by finger-pointing and rumors. Unclear communication channels and frustrating and fruitless endless meetings were the order of the day. 

Besides the communicative weaknesses among each other, there was no deviation management due to a lack of process key figures. Problems were eliminated but not solved sustainably. 


The project followed the following phases:

  • Analysis of the existing meeting and organisational structure
  • Sensitization of leaders in dealing with shop floor management as a leadership tool
  • Staff training
  • Conception and Go Live of the Shopfloor Board
  • Subsequent coaching of managers
Speaking is the key

"People" successes:

After a short time, improvements in communication and interaction quickly became apparent. The daily guided communication strengthened the team and provided the manager with new opportunities to challenge and support employees. The waste awareness of all employees was sharpened.

"Process" successes:

Plant failures and scrapping costs were reduced by the sustainable elimination of problem causes. Overall, productivity increased due to the newly gained stability in the manufacturing process.

Speaking is the key
Speaking is the key

Facts – Figures - Data

Industry sector:
Medical Technology
1,5 years


  • Binding and honest regular communication
  • Reduction of waiting times in production by 40%
  • 35% increase in productivity
  • Reduction of scrapping costs by 20%
  • 23% improvement in plant efficiency
  • Increase of quality awareness
  • Improvement of fact-based communication
  • Elimination of non-prominent meetings
  • Improvement of the leadership behaviour of department heads
  • Visualization of waste
Speaking is the key

GOLEAN once told me: “Wait and see, this daily shop floor management is a "weapon". And they were right! Even today the employees are involved daily by means of the shop floor management routine and we solve the small problems or wishes immediately!Project manager and leading manager