Lean infected

Initial situation:

For a sustainable and permanent culture of improvement, our client worked with us to build a complete lean organization.  In the meantime, we have trained and educated several hundred employees. 


What makes this network successful are the following lived and demanded principles: Each Lean Multiplier has to carry out a project every year, which on average saves 15.000€ per year. The multipliers are supported and promoted by the local Lean Manager. Lean audits and the support of the central OPEX department ensure sustainability. 

As part of the annual Lean Audit, the main topics "projects" and "further promotion" of the company's own lean resources receive audit points. The "Lean" culture is also taken very seriously by the local managing directors, as the sum of the successes in previous years has proven that Lean works.

No one can hide here, since the managers are also audited with regard to their understanding of Lean.

In addition to this lean training offensive, we also helped set up the lean training center. Since then, managers have been invited here every year to brush up on the main lean topics

"People" successes:

In conclusion: all successfully "infected" with Lean!

"Process" successes:

The sum of all trained Lean Multipliers reaches annually several hundred thousand Euro savings in the entire company!

Lean infected
Lean infected

Facts – Figures - Data

Industry sector:
Mechanical Engineering
3,5 years


  • Training of > 40 Lean Managers
  • Training of > 250 Lean Multipliers
  • Establishment of a Europe-wide Lean Network (Knowledge Sharing)
  • Benchmark Partner GOLEAN

Topic excerpt:

  • Value Creation & Waste
  • 5S (order and cleanliness)
  • Visualization & Standardization
  • Value stream analysis and design
  • Process Synchronization (JIT)
  • Preventive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Quality Management (TQC)
  • Train The Trainer Education
Lean infected

I have send all our team members to a Greenbelt training organized by Guido Metz. We had a 100% score, even the most skeptical people where at the end of the greenbelt training enthusiastic. Guido has the competence that people are not feeling to sit in a classroom and following boring theoretical lessons but getting energized and enthusiastic, even the most skeptical ones. For me it is no doubt, if I want to give employees a lean training I will 100% decide for hiring the expertise of GOLEAN.Leading Manager