Boss at eye level

Initial situation:

The challenge of this assignment was to further develop a team of 5 managers, including their own superior, in the areas of soft skills and leadership efficiency. 


In module 1 of the training, the focus was on developing the individual personality profiles of the entire team. With the help of the DISG behavioral dimensions, the team members and their boss were given a completely new view of themselves and everyone else. The supervisor also had a completely new basis for the target-oriented and personality-oriented involvement of his team.

Module 2 taught successful communication techniques and trained leadership techniques through numerous exercises. 

Boss at eye level

Accompanying both modules, the participants' leadership visions were developed and self-management was strengthened by dealing with their own value system. Reflections, goals and actions were recorded by the participants in an individual leadership journal. This journal continues to support their daily management tasks.

"People" successes:

The training significantly strengthened team cohesion and improved mutual understanding. The teams of the next level also recognized a clear positive development of the managers. Communication and cooperation developed fundamentally on 3 levels. 

"Process" successes:

"Take care of people, then the results will take care of themselves." Götz Werner

Boss at eye level
Boss at eye level

Facts – Figures - Data

Industry sector:
Research & Development
Product Validation
6 months


  • Increased employee motivation
  • Changed perspective on team and leadership behaviour
  • Reduction of conflict situations
  • Development of a new understanding of values (respect, recognition, appreciation)

Topic excerpt:

  • Development of individual personality profiles according to DISG behavioural dimensions
  • Communication techniques
  • Leadership techniques
  • Vision development
  • Self Leadership
Like phoenix from the ashes

GOLEAN supported me with soft skill training and brought my management team and me to a higher level. We were highly motivated after the training and we still are using our insights every day of the week.Leading Manager