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Customer voices

The consultants of GOLEAN live their values and communicate them not only with their intellect, but also with a lot of heart. Svend Voss 
Operational Excellence Lean Coordinator 
GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH

Clients about us

Confidential partner

Super practical Lean training with implemented final project. Since my Lean training, I have accompanied change projects at various GEA locations and have always had GOLEAN as a confidential partner at my side. Daniel Schürzmann
Head of Skid Manufacturing
GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH

Holistic approach

I have been working with GOLEAN for many years. Their way of working is structured, goal-oriented and they individually respond to the companies. The holistic approach is always in their focus. Their unique selling point is not only to optimize production using lean methods, but also to master the standard processes of an ERP system. Thomas Wörfel
Head of Operational Excellence
Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH

Dissolving doubts through rapid action

Here even the doubtful are convinced! "Lean" helps to preserve jobs in the long run by significantly improving the use of existing resources!
Instead of days-long (expensive) analyses and detailing they realize implementation as fast as possible with simple means! Andreas Röhr
Head of Lean Management
GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH

Detecting the potential of employees

The employees of GOLEAN are still very well remembered at the workshops. Even after 8 years we still exchange ideas with GOLEAN on various topics and always find suitable solutions to problems. Jürgen Diesenberger
Head of production “Sterilcontainer"
Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Training benefits through exercise

I particularly liked the fact that the topics were deepened by means of exercises. Potential for improvement was discussed immediately. The live observations at the Shopfloor Board with subsequent analysis also showed me possibilities with us. Thomas Just
Head of Design Validation & QA - Farming Testing
GEA Farm Technologies GmbH

Top trainer competence

Impressive was the trainer's technical, social and methodical-didactic competence, her flexibility to respond to the individual needs of the group and the closeness of the topics to everyday life. Stefan Terholsen
Head of Design Validation & QA - Separation
GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH

More than just consulting!

System selection, process recording, process change and change management is our challenge in the implementation of a new ERP system. GOLEAN supports us dynamically, tailored to our needs and not like a classical consulting company. We benefit from the consultants' wealth of experience, as well as from the tools and methods provided by GOLEAN. Johann Born
Deputy Head of IT & Processes
RIEDEL Communications GmbH & Co. KG


GOLEAN has brought a lot of inspiration in our Lean journey, with their hands-on way of working and great knowledge of Lean. All leading to good results and lots of fun! Jurgen Alessie
LEAN Manager
GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N.V.

Finally something's changing!

Trouble-free work - that is certainly what every employee wants. GOLEAN supports us in this goal and has helped us to focus on value creation and minimize waste. Hendrik Fooke

No doubt

Hiring GOLEAN means hiring highly motivated, enthusiastic and competent consultants. The ability to motivate even the most skeptical employees for Lean is one of the added value of GOLEAN. I now have many years of experience with GOLEAN and never doubted to hire them. Success is 100% guaranteed. George Bon
Head of Design Validation & Quality Assurance

Successful partnership

Over a decade we have been working together with GOLEAN on our journey of continues improvement. Large projects, small projects, education and management consulting have been executed. Most of them with very good results which has brought productivity, quality, customer and employee satisfaction, sales and profit, to the next level at several GEA production companies. GOLEAN characterizes itself with their very uncomplicated approach. No management by excel or PowerPoint, simply go to GEMBA, set targets and do it. Gerard Bastiaansen
Managing Director
GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N.V.

Pure competence

First-class adaptation to the given topic enabled us to achieve great success in a very short time. Due to the lived methodology even the biggest doubters were in the boat after a short time and could be taken along. The implementation is practical and without frills. Real hands-on mentality! Heiko Hansen
Operations Manager