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As long as we are working on your success, here you can read the success stories and voices of our previous customers in NRW, Germany and Europe.

We work in all industries - we have increased value in the following industries so far:

Success stories

Lean Workshop

Like phoenix from the ashes

The basis of our pilot project - a methodical and human challenge - was to avert the threat of relocation of the production site. Thanks to the enormous implementation speed of all participants, the results developed rapidly and positively. This was the starting signal for the

Holistic approach


ERP implementations are often underestimated, existing organizational and process weaknesses are ignored. We created a holistic process map for this customer and carried out a FIT4ERP check, adapted processes and organization and thus laid the foundation for a

ERP start with success

Speaking is the key

From corridor radio to fact-based regular communication. How did we get from "everybody is talking about” via “facts and figures” to "measures, dates and responsibilities”? We achieve successful deviation management instead of endless and unsuccessful meetings with

Shopfloor Management

Everything in flow

From Stop & Go to Flow. The reduction of the lead time is a central goal of Lean Management - also in this project. We identified the causes that prevented the process from working through and harmonized the individual process steps. After successful implementation, we achieved a much

shorter lead time

Lean infected

A successful cultural change in the context of continuous improvement succeeds with the establishment of an internal lean organization. The training of lean multipliers, the organizational integration as well as the living and demanding of the lean principles on all levels led to the exemplary

improvement culture

Boss at eye level

The goal was to further develop a team of managers and their superiors and to increase their cooperation. The participants developed their DISG personality profile and acquired successful leadership techniques. Mutual understanding and a changed perspective have since formed an

unbeatable team