Your know-how - your talents

The pragmatic and practice-oriented teaching of methods and principles can take place in one of our benchmark companies, preferably in your own divisions. The knowledge gained is directly transferred into the implementation and thus anchored. We pay particular attention to activating the participants' willingness to change. Through the further development of the personalities, we succeed in strengthening your internal change process and letting it be successful.

Excerpt from our fields of competence:

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Lean Training

Eye opener

The Lean Trainings conducted by GOLEAN are real "eye openers". The trainings are well organized, informative and a good mix of practical hands-on exercises, factory tours and knowledge transfer. The GOLEAN trainers have excellent lean knowledge and know how to motivate the participants. Heinz-Georg Wirooks
Head of Supply Chain & Production - Operational Excellence

Cultural change

Thanks to their practical approach, employees are quickly inspired by the goal, taken by the hand and formed into multipliers. Processes are optimized sustainably! The cultural change is coming, through professional support! Thomas Wörfel
Head of Operational Excellence
Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH

Reached next level

GOLEAN supported me with soft skill training and brought my management team and me to a higher level. Understanding that everyone is different with different needs helps me and my management team in better utilizing our team members and also better understanding between ourselves. The training days are fun and serious. We were highly motivated after the training and we still are using our insights every day of the week. I got one on one personal insights from the trainer how I can improve my management skills. George Bon
Head of Design Validation & Quality Assurance