Are you chaff or wheat?

This is where the wheat separates from the chaff. Sustainable anchoring of the improvement culture in your company succeeds with this service area. The development of your leadership competencies, your teams and the potential development of your employees needs a leading hand after successful trainings and workshops. New approaches have to be established, the new culture with its values needs further care. We accompany you until the roots of your new culture / change are strong enough.

Excerpt from our fields of competence:

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Lean Coaching

Our importat partner

The success and the positive feedback from all participants speak for themselves. Professionalism, authenticity, enthusiasm that is infectious as well as an very special personal engagement make GOLEAN an important partner. Rainer Veelmann
Head of Lean Management and Quality
Menerga GmbH

A true transformation

GOLEAN, it’s all about GOing LEAN. It’s not (only) about theory and book knowledge, you can get that everywhere. GOLEAN really helps you to make change happen. Guido and his crew helped us to make the change through translating experience and lean basics by enthusiasm, benchmarking, networking and coaching. Jeroen Kramer
Lean Manager
GEA Food Solutions Bakel BV


I have a big believe and drive to empower my team and people and enforcing collaboration. GOLEAN supported me in my personal further development and the further development of my team. GOLEAN has given a big boost and lifted us to the next level. George Bon
Head of Design Validation & Quality Assurance